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A Large Selection Of Glass Mosaic Tiles Located At Our Showroom in Lebanon, NJ

Discover a whole new world of style possibilities by visiting Tile Barn, the leading provider of glass mosaic tiles in Lebanon, NJ. Our one-stop shop provides homeowners with the finest array of colors, formats, and compositions. Our tile selection is meant to fulfill your aesthetic purposes while maintaining durability and high resistance during its lifespan. Do you want to learn more about textured glass and metal leaf mosaics and which would best fit your home? Our team has over 30 years of experience helping customers make the right choices for their homes and happiness.

glass tile backsplash

Glass Mosaics Provide a Natural Feel

Include your surroundings into your style with translucent, reflective glass mosaics. Homeowners find that glass mosaic is low-maintenance and able to be cleaned in minutes, and it serves many functional purposes. However, the glass mosaic’s primary draw may be its aesthetic possibilities. It absorbs and reflects light and color, offering spaces a wholly original look comprised of the elements surrounding it. Glass Mosaic is perfect for homeowners who want a natural yet unexpected style.

Metal Mosaics Are Built to Last

Metal leaf mosaics provide homeowners with a combination of unmatched aesthetics and maximum durability. It is highly customizable, able to be cut and shaped the way you desire. The metal construction is resistant to messes and water, making it ideal for kitchens, bathrooms, and spaces where spills and splashes are inevitable.

Why Should I Choose Mosaic Tiles?

Glass and metal mosaics offer many aesthetic and functional possibilities. We recommend considering a mosaic for your next home project if you want:

  • Easy Cleanup: Effortlessly wipe away and clean messes.
  • Endless Customization: Shape and cut your mosaic to match your unique aesthetic.
  • Versatile Styles: Choose a natural feel, metal option, and beyond.
  • Maximum Durability: Feel confident knowing your mosaic will resist breaks and cracks.
  • Compatibility with Other Style Elements: Compliment your ceramic, porcelain, and other materials with a mosaic installation.

We Promise You Outstanding Quality

Our team specializes in guiding customers through our vast tile inventory and providing detailed information about our products. We provide over 30 years of knowledge and experience, making us the best equipped to fulfill our customer’s needs and preferences. We offer the highest quality tiles, materials, and products in our showroom, which you can visit today.

All Your Tile Needs Under One Roof